Can You Use Pinterest to Get Your Name Out There?

In short, HECK YEAH! Pinterest is a great way to get your ministry, non-profit, for profit, club, team, business promoted; and, like your puppet endeavors, it's mostly visual, so it appeals to those looking for your tale...

Why should my team write a blog

Blogs represent authority. Its overall power comes from the evergreen interactive nature of the posts. Blogs enable you to communicate with your readers (aka potential audience members and gig creators) quickly and efficiently. The most i...

Create the Professional

Sometimes the first impression that you will give to prospective event planners, financial supporters and possible new recruits is going to be a video presentation that shows off your abilities.

Too often, especially with ministry team videos, the...


Why am I writing a post on logo design when the topic of this blog is puppetry? A logo is the most predominant and most powerful part behind turning your hobby/ministry/business into a brand that people remember, a simple image that reminds people of you when...

This is  part two of video recording your performances and practices. I mentioned B-roll, so I thought it might be good to have a post specifically about B-roll and how to effectively use it.

What is B-roll

A-roll is the main video, the interview, the main performance, w...

Video Using Your Phone

If you have ever been in a videography class or even watched video training on Youtube then you’ve probably heard the old adage “the best camera is the one that’s with you”. In today’s world of smartphones, that adage is more real than it has ever...

Get Your Name Out There

Marketing is often confused with sales. Though there is a clear connection between the two, marketing is the actual act of drawing attention to one’s self or one’s product.

Marketing is and will be a continually ongoing process for your puppet tea...

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