The Man

Edgar Bergen, actually born Edgar John Berrgren, was born in Chicago a first generation Swedish American to Swedish immigrants on Feb. 16, 1903, though he grew up in Michigan.

Edgar started his early years with an aptitude to entertain his friends with mimicry wh...

My First Ventriloquist Instructor

Jimmy  Nelson is the first ventriloquist who put out an actual recorded training series that you could purchase. Years ago, Dick Clark and Ed McMahon had a tv show that was centered around commercials and in one episode, they showed an...

Wait, What?

I thought this blog was about puppets and puppetry related! Why are you doing a post on Phil Vischer?

Yes, Phillip Vischer is mostly known for his animation, but he is a great puppeteer in his own right. American animator, puppeteer, writer, voice actor and s...

Not Just for Stages

Vietnamese water puppetry's stage (Photo: hanoicitybreaks)

Water puppetry is one of major styles of Vietnamese culture and art, which shows the creativity of the people; being that they used their environment as the mainstay of Vietnam was the wet-ric...

Is Puppetry a Dying Art?

Puppetry is still alive and well (sorry if the title sounds a little click baity). Puppetry is one of those art forms that ebbs and flows, but always has a place to land. With newbies coming in such as Darci Lynn Farmer, a new revitalization in...

January 27, 2019

Shadow Puppets on Steroids

Wayang (or Wajang) is an Indonesian word “bayang”  which means shadow. Wayang kulit, or shadow puppetry, is very predominant in Indonesia as well as many other southeast Asian cultures, by which figures made from water buffalo hide, are consid...

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