These are the things that will make you exude professionalism to the people in charge of the venue you will be performing at as well as the audience.


“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”

                                          - William Shake...

Birds of a Feather…

Ventriloquism is one of those skill sets that becomes better with time, but also gets better with proper feedback from other ventriloquists. Study masters in the field and mimic their actions and techniques until you develop a style of you own.

Find a...

Make Your Arms Live

Rod arms are the bare-knuckle precursors to animatronics manipulation. They have to be one of the most useful tools in a puppeteer’s arsenal when trying to make a puppet seem more realistic. The arm rod allows for the puppeteer to easily move the ar...

Make It Original, Make It Yours

Developing Set puppet characters can be a fun way to get and keep team members involved. For them to know that the character they do is their character and no one else can do it gives them a sense of pride and responsibility to the team....


Less than 20 percent of communication is done with words. Body language plays an important role in how we naturally communicate. The same holds true for puppets when they are communicating.

Some puppets, such as vent puppets and animatronics are designed to have...

You Thought You Learned It All?

You are probably asking why this is popping up now and why I didn’t add it to the earlier post on Puppetry Basics or; the reason is because if you master the basics, you have the foundation for starting a good puppet team. Plus, if you ha...

Now that you have the basics of your team on paper and you have your team in place, we need to discuss a few things that will make or break this newly birthed team.


It is vital that you have a weekly practice time. This is the only way to effectively work on pro...

"One of the benefits of puppetry is that a shy person can perform to the utmost of their ability..."

June 24, 2018

Now that we have discussed all of the basics and got those out of the way, there is a chance that some of you are wanting to move to the next level and develop a team. If not, that’s alright. Keep reading to ge an idea of what is involved anyway, because, if you are go...

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