My First Ventriloquist Instructor

Jimmy  Nelson is the first ventriloquist who put out an actual recorded training series that you could purchase. Years ago, Dick Clark and Ed McMahon had a tv show that was centered around commercials and in one episode, they showed an...

Ventriloquist Intelligentsia

Paul Winchell was one of the first entertainers that I connected with at  young age. Born Paul Wilchinsky on December 21, 1922, was an American ventriloquist, comedian, actor, voice artist, humanitarian, and inventor whose career flourished...

Best Place in the U.S. For Puppeteers

Most of the information in this post is straight from their website and accurate as of the time of this post, but I encourage you to visit their site.

Puppeteers of America is a national non-profit organization founded in 1937 to pro...

A Tradition of Art

Bunraku, a famous historic Japanese puppetry, has to be one of the most developed form of puppetry in the world. It’s style is close to Punch and Judy as there are no strings, but there is  noticeable difference as he puppeteers are actually visible o...

S’OK? S’OK, S’Alright, S’Alright

Señor Wences was the creator of a catchphrase that millennials who don’t even know who he is, use.


April 17, 1896 in Salamanca, Castilla y León, Spain


April 20, 1999 (Yes, the math is correct, that is 103) in New York City, New Yor...

The Legend

James Maury Henson, or just Jim as he was known by,  was born in Greenville, Mississippi, on September 24, 1936. I joke that my daughter better be glad she was a girl or I would have named her Jim in memory, as she was born on September 25th.

Jim was the young...

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