Cheap Manual Mechanism

This  post is going to be short, but thought I would show an inexpensive way to add functionality to a puppet that will give it more life as far as the audience is concerned.


  • Balls for eyes (ping pong balls, wooden balls, etc.)

  • Wire (...

Why should my team write a blog

Blogs represent authority. Its overall power comes from the evergreen interactive nature of the posts. Blogs enable you to communicate with your readers (aka potential audience members and gig creators) quickly and efficiently. The most i...

Create the Professional

Sometimes the first impression that you will give to prospective event planners, financial supporters and possible new recruits is going to be a video presentation that shows off your abilities.

Too often, especially with ministry team videos, the...

Get Off Your Duff!

OK, it is impossible to ‘learn’ puppetry and not practice. It’s not like riding a bike; it will not just “come back to you” even if you remember everything. The goal is to create an almost cellular memory of what to do, so that it becomes second natur...

Ventriloquist Intelligentsia

Paul Winchell was one of the first entertainers that I connected with at  young age. Born Paul Wilchinsky on December 21, 1922, was an American ventriloquist, comedian, actor, voice artist, humanitarian, and inventor whose career flourished...

The Power of small Habits

Whether you are just starting your puppet venture or if you are a seasoned veteran looking to hone your skills, it all starts with habits. Habits are the stepping stones used to reach your goals.

Too often we set lofty goals for ourselves and th...

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