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You want more, here you go. These are links to many resources that I have used in the past and quite a few that I still use. For full transparency, some of these links are affiliate links. This does not affect your pricing and in no way makes me a millionaire, it just helps me keep this page going.


My love for puppety actually came from this book. George Latshaw's book should be in every serious puppeteer's library. Like in my book, he discusses the history of puppetry, followed by descriptions of puppetry as well as acting and how the two crafts are similar. In the design section, there are some basic patterns for the most popular types of puppets: hand, rod and marionette. One section that is amazing and difficult to find in other books is a section on voice creation. A must have for budding puppeteers.

I have always had a personal attraction to the art of shadow puppets. In this book David Currell will explain all the ins and outs of creating and presenting a shadow puppet show. From design elements, to functionality, to lighting, this book is a good resource guide.

Making and Manipulating Marionettes

I must confess that marionettes aren't my strong suit, but knowing how to operate a marionette gives a basic understanding of creating and using animatronics. I still find myself tangling my fingers in the strings too often to put them in my shows, but this book helps with operation. Performing a marionette (a string puppet) is an art in and of itself that some performers prefer and that's why I recommend this second book by David Currell.

Playwriting for the Puppet Theatre

In order to be seen as professional, you want to move into creating original skits and performances; Jean Mattson's book is a great introduction to writing puppet skits. There are even examples of manipulation charts, not sure what these are? Check out the book. If you want to write your own stories, this book will help keep you from making many of the common mistakes that newbies tend to make when starting out.

John E. Kennedy, not to be mistaken with JFK, is mostly known for working with the Jim Henson companies but and has taught many workshops over the years. This book put all of his ideas and instruction into one book. In this book, John shows you how to create imaginative and professional looking puppets with personality using easy to find and work with materials. I totally recommend this book to all new puppet directors, especially if you are on a budget and can't afford professional puppets.

This book must be read by any puppeteer, wannabe puppeteer and anyone who has a love for puppets. Jim Henson is the godfather of modern day puppeteering and was taken from us way too soon. I love learning about the history behind the greats and, as far as the 20th century is concerned, Jim Henson was one of the greats.

John Bell is one of the foremost scholars of puppetry and puppet history. If you are a more visual person, this book has over one hundred pictures and describes and explains many different forms of puppetry from around the world.

This book must be read by any puppeteer, wannabe puppeteer and anyone who has a love for puppets. Jim Henson is the godfather of modern day puppeteering and was taken from us way too soon. I love learning about the history behind the greats and, as far as the 20th century is concerned, Jim Henson was one of the greats.


One of the best documentaries on ventriloquism I have seen. Make sure to watch the special features also.

OK, a bit pricey for the whole series, you can watch quite a few of them for free on YouTube, but the stories in here are great for learning the art of story telling.

This has biographies and excerpts from all the American greats. Definitely a library keeper if teaching the history of puppets or ventriloquism.

A great example of marionette work by some true experts.

You almost can't call yourself a puppeteer if you can't quote this movie. I actually had my first dvd of this break in my computer because I watched it so much.

Another Jim Henson classic that never gets old. This one kind of gives a glimpse of Henson's dark side. Great movie.

This one is a good deal because you get a book with a DVD that gives over two hours of instruction that is very entertaining.

If you are looking at trying your hand (pardon the pun) at ventriloquism, this is an awesome video to have.

A humorous and heartfelt story that follows ventriloquists across the United States, Mexican Riviera, Bahamas and Japan, as they pursue their dreams of a career in puppetry.

Can't brag on Tom Crowl enough. He is funny as well as a great instructor. His ventriloquism course delves into voicing characters, but find this course where he gets into more detail. Hrd to find though.


You have seen Melissa and Doug puppets and theatres all over the place.

They are inexpensive puppets that are great for practice puppets and use with toddlers and preschool.

These guys are awesome. Not only do they build custom puppets, they have workshops that teach puppet building.

Worth the price and you have an original puppet, not something mass produced.

Awesome place to create an assembly line type puppet. Set designs that you can customize.

Another great place to get inexpensive puppets. There is a difference between cheap and inexpensive. Though these puppets are on the lower end of the price range, they are still quality made puppets that will last for years.

A wide variety on price range, but all quality puppets with licensing to some well known characters.One of the only places to still get the Puppetume  Characters.

Another site that requires a creative budget in order to get a creative build, but the investment is worth it.

Suppliers & Supplies

These wonderful people can custom dye antron fleece in whatever color you can think of, just give them a PMS (Pantone Matching System) color and let them go to work. They also have a wide variety of standard colors that they mass produce, so it is less expensive.

This is one of my recommendations for furs. If you are a monster maker or need some unique hair colors for your creations.

Not the least expensive out there, but the quality and shipping time is great.

If you are more into the Vent dummies than you are hand & rod, then this is a good resource for full figures, mechanics and training materials.

This is definitely a one stop shop when it comes to most of your puppet needs, they even have a puppet rental service.

You can even get full theatrical productions which is cool.

So you want to try your hand at dying your own stuff. It is a messy experience (trust me), but you have your reasons I am sure, so Rit gives great advice, recipes, etc.

I would be totally dropping the ball if I didn't include this link. If you are looking at making your own custom puppet, this is the site to see.

You want to work with marionettes? This is my number one suggestion. Their workshops are stellar.

Their workshops are age level appropriate too.

This isn't a puppet connection, but a general theater connection.

I was first introduced to Norcostco when I worked as a theatrical technician in Oklahoma.

Anything theater related, makeup to lighting, can be found here.

Yes, I mentioned this group already, but they are the best place to find portable stages.

Any size for any purpose, this site is a great resource if you don't want to make it.

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